Çimen Filiz Paşa

After graduating from the University of Marmara with a degree in Journalism and PR, I studied International Politics and English as a foreign language in the UK. Subsequently, I went to the USA to study journalism and TV production. When I returned to Türkiye, I joined in the family business. In addition to being active in the Tourism and Trade business as a share holder and Executive Board Member, I act as a Tour Guide and Interpreter for the protocols, state guests and VIP’s.

My passion for history influenced me to take extensive classes in Anatolian & World History. Currently, I am very proud to work to promote my precious country with its rich, blended culture to the world. My personal favorite and area of concentration is our cultural heritage, Turkish Traditional Hand Craft & Fine Art. I believe that through the understanding of cultures we best make ourselves known and bring people of many cultures together.

For the last 25 years, I have traveled to many parts of the world, for business, pleasure and relationship development, thanks to my fluent Arabic and English.

The choice of tourism as a career has suited me well and continues to support me in my personal efforts to eliminate intolerance and promote peace in the world.

Ali Paşa

25 plus years of expertise in business strategies for start-up, development and implementation, staff training & development, business & marketing planning, and project management.

He has managed the on-going business and growth strategies, promotion, marketing and sales administration with 3 partners and 8 office staff.

Licensed tour guide for Turkey since 1989…

Özdal Kapmaz

I discovered my future in Tourism when I met one of the owners of A-Level in 1995. Thus, my four years of experience in insurance management came to a happy end. The past years have been filled with great challenges and joy.
The enthusiasm and perpetual motion of the Tourism industry appeal to me most. Personally, I find life most enjoyable when it is dynamic, filled with change and the whirl of excitement. It gives me great pleasure in my work and my day.

I believe when the tourism and service industries around the world operate successfully, intolerance and misunderstanding will diminish and we will leave behind a better planet.

Lauren Solomon

I’m excited to be the North American representative for A-Level Tourism. My passion is assisting and advising individuals, groups, and corporations to ensure that they have the tools, skills, and opportunities to define and refine the way they think about themselves, the way they experience the world, the image they project to the world, and how the world receives them.

I was born and raised just outside New York City and have had the pleasure and privilege of traveling extensively, living in many places, including Turkey, and truly experiencing the splendor our world has to offer.

I always dreamed that one day my work would represent the perfect marriage between my passions, my talents and my skills. Now, it does. As a Certified Image Professional I specialize in Image for individuals and businesses, Business and Social Etiquette and International Protocol.
Since 1995, I’ve had the privilege of consulting for the world’s best and brightest individuals and corporations, teaching at the highest ranked universities, writing books on image and promoting the awareness and value such work. I’ve become an active spokesperson for the profession and bring that message to a broad audience through the many media available to us today.

I hold a Masters in Business Administration from New York University. I’m also certified in Image, Advanced Corporate Training, Interpersonal Communications, Business Etiquette, Color Analysis and International Protocol. Prior to founding LS Image Associates, I was the Vice President of Professional Image Development at the Chase Manhattan Bank.

Aykut Çakıl

I was born in October 1965 in Frankfurt and grew up there. I graduated from university with a degree in German Studies. I have always enjoyed working with people who like to meet different cultures and have managed to see that there is no difference between nationalities in their needs, desires, fears, worries, hopes, etc…

Soon I have become a successful Destination Manager of almost all kinds of Special Interest, FIT and MICE organizations…

In A-Level Tourism I have had a room to develop my self-positive approach. I have been working in A-Level Tourism happily since 2009.

Beside this I have been enjoying teaching and training new generations of service industry at universities.

Serkan Özalkan

I was born in 1973 during my father’s duty in Agri. After a short time we moved to the pleasant coastal town of Tekirdag.

At the university I studied Tourism and Hospitality and had the access to fulfill my childhood desire, a career in Tourism Industry…Right after my graduation I worked at one of the Istanbul hotels in F&B department, which had been quite intense yet very enjoyable.

Then I found myself in England and studied Sales Advertising and Marketing and finally turned back to Turkey in 2013.

My education both in Turkey and England has enabled me to create my own brand, today Turkey’s one of the most important brands, “LUXURY HOTELS Collection of Turkey” catalogue.

This is when my association with A-Level has started; our mutual propensity to create unprecedented rather than repeating the existing.

Our creative togetherness will take hold, nurture and generate our future projects.

Taysun Wang

I was born on the 4th of June 1982 in Istanbul. I’m Chinese descendant from my fathers side of the family. I completed my military duty in NATO-ISAF forces stationed in Afghanistan. Studied Economy & International Trade in BLCU which I graduated in 2013 and I’ve been working as a consultant for metallurgical enterprises ever since. I really enjoy traveling when I have the chance and certainly interested in foreign cultures as well as their history. After living and working in China for 8 years, I’m certain I could help connecting the gap between two cultures. I believe that working in A-Level Tourism as the director of Chinese office will be most entertaining as well as helpful towards that goal.

Meril Pelin Öker

I, strongly, believe that being open without any bias to the people who have totally different ways of explaining their feelings, happiness, anger, dreams and hopes is the first step of building healthy personality. This will help you to hear people with your heart without even knowing their language.

I have travel the world, all alone, since I was 12. This very special travel treat has given me the opportunity to observe the innumerable colors of the world. I studied Photography and Video at Bilgi University. From the very beginning of my university life I have become part of the A-Team and the family in A-Level Tourism.

Working in A-Level  is a great joy where you always practice respect and love…

Early 2014 together with one of my classmates who become my husband later I also have launched the advertising & art agency the POPWORKERS.

Zhang Guiping

Birth 23.7.1990 in Anhui Fuyan, China. Graduated Anhui Medical University Medical Biology Departement in 2012. 2011 – 2014 Human Resources Manager in Dongguan and Blingstorme companies in Beijing. She is with Coşkun Faik Kavala since 2013, when she fell in love with him in Jingshan Park in Beijing. She prefered living in Turkey with her husband as here second home .She was given the name ‘İpek’, which means ‘silk’in Turkish, referring to ‘silk road’ between the two countries and cultures. She chose to work with A-LEVEL tourism agency because of she believes she can presente the beautiful Turkey to her visitors and believes in the communication between the cultures may serve the world peace.

Coşkun Faik Kavala

Birth 24.02.1986 in Istanbul. Poet-writer and professional tourist guide (French-Russian-Chinese-English). Graduated Marmara University Public Administration Departement. 2008-2009 worked in local Government of Istanbul. In 2009 worked in Turkish Military as recruitement officer. By 2010 works as professional tourist guide. Wrote five books about Turkish, Chinese and Russian history. He chose to work with A-Level tourism because he believes the VIP tourism will serve the internatonal image of Turkey.

İlker Korkmaz

Haliç Üniversitesi’nde 4 yıl Turizm İşletmeciliği bölümünde eğitim gördükten sonra Londra’da Ticaret Üniversitesi’nden Akademik İngilizce eğitimini tamamlamıştır. Hala Anadolu Üniversitesi’nden Uluslararası Ticaret ve Lojistik Yönetimi dersi almaktadır.

Özgür ruhludur ve seyahat etmeyi çok sever.

G20 Toplantıları, Birleşmiş Milletler Toplantıları, Dünya Turizm Forumu gibi üst seviye bir çok organizasyon için çalışmış ve uluslararası bir çok etkinlikte önemli görevler almıştır. Çalıştığı üst düzey protokoller arasında Birleşik Krallık Eski Devlet Başkanı David Cameron, İngiltere Merkez Bankası Başkanı Mark Carney ve Birleşik Krallık Eski Dışişleri ve İçişleri Bakanlığı Sekreteri Jack Straw ve Avrupa Komisyonu Eski Başkanı Jose Manuel Barroso bulunmaktadır.

Kongre, Toplantı ve Etkinlik sektörünü kariyer planı yapmış ve sektöre girdiğinden bu yana etkinlik dizaynı, planlaması ve yönetimi konularında tecrübeler edinmiş, uluslararası ilişkiler yönetimi, misafirperverlik ve müşteri memnuniyeti ve pazarlama konularında uzmanlaşmıştır.